Does your jaw ache for unknown reasons? Have you noticed excessive grinding or wear to your teeth in recent years? Does your jaw have a clicking sound or pop when chewing or opening too wide? This could be sign of TMD, temporomandibular disorder, and that could be coming from the jaw, jaw joint, or facial muscles. At Dr. B and Associates Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are properly trained in diagnosing your jaw discomfort and finding the right treatment for you right here in Donelson!

Nightguards are usually the first line of defense to combat your jaw discomfort. We scan your teeth using our 3D Itero Scanner and make a custom fitted, clear, comfortable appliance that goes over the teeth to protect them from any excessive wear as well as take pressure off your jaw joint.

If we feel that your situation is beyond our scope of practice, we will be happy to refer you to a specialist in your area that will treat your needs accordingly.

If you have questions or concerns regarding TMJ Disorder, call our office today at 615-883-7700!